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Langerhans cell PPT

Langerhans’ Cell Histiocytosis - School of Medicine Department

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Langerhans’ Cell Histiocytosis Chris Restrepo Introduction and Background Sometimes referred to as histiocytosis X LCH is a disease of Abnormal clonal proliferation

Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis - Pacific Dermatologic Association

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Brooke-Spiegler Syndrome Quyn Sherrod, MD; Miguel Gutierrez, MD; Keith Carlson, MD UCLA/WLA VA Division of Dermatology David Geffen School of Medicine

PowerPoint Presentation

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Histiocytic Syndromes Dendritic cell-related disorders Langerhans cells histiocytosis juvenile xanthogranuloma Macrophage-related disorders primary hemophagocytic

Histiocytosis X in Neurosurgery - BIDMC Neurosurgery Clerkship

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Langerhans cell Histiocytosis Epidemiology LCH is more common in children than in adults, with most cases being diagnosed before the age of 15 years.

Presentation 6: Case Reportability Instructions

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* Instruction 6 Report the following hematopoietic and lymphoid neoplasms as malignant Langerhans cell histiocytosis, NOS (9751/3) Myeloproliferative neoplasm,

Myeloproliferative, Myelodysplastic, and Histiocytic Disorders

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Langerhans cell histiocysosis Langerhans Cell Characteristics PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis:

Sinus Histiocytosis with Massive Lymphoadenopathy (Roasi-Dorfman

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Weitzmann S, Jaffe F, “Uncommon Histiocytic Disorders: The Non-Langerhans cell Histiocytosis”, Pediatr Blood Cancer, 2005; 45: 256-264.

Atopic Dermatis, Eczema, and Noninfectious Immunodeficiency Disorders

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langerhans cell histiocytosis, tinea cruris, allergic contact dermatitis, Acrodermatitis enteropathica, biotin deficiency, congenital syphillis Treatment:

Protecting All Children's Teeth: Systemic Diseases -

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Langerhans cell Histiocytosis Alveolar bone invasion by histiocytes most commonly occurs in the mandible and may result in: 1. Pain, loose

Hemodynamic disorders p.1 - Pathomorphology

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but only Langerhans' cell is diagnostic - number of Langerhans' cells present is variable - prototyPical Langerhans' cells have abundant, powdery,

Brain Tumors Classification and Biology of Brain Tumors

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Langerhans cell HISTIOCYTOSIS Langerhans cell histiocytosis is a uni- or multifocal disorder of bone or soft tissue, or both, that most often comes to neurosurgical

PowerPoint Presentation - No Slide Title - Molecular and Cell

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Langerhans cell papilla melanocyte blood vessel stratum corneum epidermis dermis subcutis Young vs. Old Aging Skin Changes in Aging Skin Functional consequences wound

Tracking antigen specific T cell dynamics in vivo - UCLA

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injection T cell in paracortex/T cell zone first encounters antigen (4 hrs post injection) on a LN resident Langerhans cell (migrated there earlier)

The Integumentary System - Design Journal Template

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Langerhans’ cells Formed in bone marrow. undergoes rapid cell division. STratum spinosum: intermediate layer, contain spiny shaped keratinocytes.

Bez tytułu slajdu

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LANGERHANS’ CELL (LC) HISTIOCYTOSIS (HISTIOCYTOSIS X) (2) Multifocal: Hand – Schuller - Christian dis. Proliferation of mature Langerhans’ cells with abundant

Targeting and Activating Dendritic Cells, In Vivo

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Angela Zhang D C Skin Langerhans cells A B G F E Heart DC 3 CD4 CD8 Dermal DC Langerhans cells Dendritic cell progenitor production in the

Basal and Squamous Cell Carcinoma - a review

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Immune system suppression- depression of Langerhans cell increased suppressor T-cells. Decreases immuno surveillance of the skin. Acellular:

Periodontal And Periapical Diseases - Website 2

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Slide 32 Slide 33 Papillon-Lefevre Syndrome Slide 35 Slide 36 Slide 37 Slide 38 Slide 39 Langerhans’ Cell Histiocytosis (Histiocytosis X)

Islet Transplantation

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Mammalian Pancreas Endocrine Pancreas Islets of Langerhans: 4 cell types  cells: secrete glucagon  cells: secrete insulin  cells:

ANDREWS’ DISEASES OF THE SKIN - Medical Degree Programs Campus

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because of a defect in the enzymatic formation of melanin they are unable to synthesize fully pigmented melanosomes The Langerhans’ Cell Normally found

Morbidity and Mortality Conference - Geisel School of Medicine - Home

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lipid storage disorders Histiocytoses Class I: Langerhans cell histiocytosis Eosinophilic granuloma, Hand-Schuller-Christian disease,

The Integumentary System - Login Screen

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Stratum spinosum - Langerhans cells 5. Stratum basale decreased Langerhans cell number Warren (1991) no difference until after age 45, more wrinkles,

Integumentary System - Biology

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Cells become progressively flattened as they move to the surface. Langerhans cell = antigen presenting cell of epidermis, mainly in stratum spinosum.

Cytotoxic Hypersensitivity

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Type IV: T Cell-Mediated (DTH) Study Guide What is the circulating equivalent of the Langerhans cell? What is the carrier in hapten-induced eczema?


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Langerhans cell ---structure: LM: -deep nucleus, light cytoplasms -among the spinous cell -dendritic-typed processes EM: -lysosome granule: membrane-coated

Presentation 4: Lineages Part 2 - SEER Web Site

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Note that Langerhans cell histiocytosis is now malignant and therefore reportable as is the designation of interdigitating dendritic cell tumor and follicular

Rapid review: first aid - School of Medicine, The University of

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Often precedes squamous cell carcinoma Actinic keratosis deficiency Letterer Siwe disease Langerhans cell histiocytosis Lewy bodies Parkinson’s

Case Study 11 - Neuropathology Home page

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Answer Germ cell tumor Pineo-cytoma or -blastoma Lymphoma Metastasis Rare Stuff Langerhans cell histocytosis Neurosarcoidosis Tuberculosis Infiltrative glioma

Peripheral/Pulmonary Eosinophilia with pulmonary symptoms

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disease with lesser degree of eosinophilia <25% Sarcoidosis Asthma and eosinophilic bronchitis Lung Transplantation Langerhans cell Granulomatosis

Pediatric Board Review Course Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

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(STOP II) Sickle cell and these findings are MOST suggestive of Acrodermatitis enteropathica Ataxia telangiectasia Atopic dermatitis Langerhans cell

We have our differences, yes. We have different cultures, of

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Lecture plan Normal Pathology White cell Non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Miscellaneous Langerhans cell Histiocytosis Splenic disorders Disorders of

Interstitial Lung Diseases - eLearning-Plattform des Instituts

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A middle or upper lung predominant Mycobacterial or fungal disease Silicosis Sarcoidosis Langerhans cell Histiocytosis 6. Associated lymphadenopathy 1.Sarcoidosis 2

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